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Tuning  Services
Tuning Services
The vast contrast of temperature in the upper Midwest can wreak havoc on an organs sound.  The fluctuation in temperature, along with heating and cooling systems, can cause organs to slip out of tune.  To maintain the sound of your organ and ensure that it is in good mechanical condition, Darrow pipe organ offers a variety of regularly scheduled tunings to fit your individual needs.
Scheduled tuning visits include:
 Complete tuning: 
 A complete tuning of all pipes in the organ to the pitch At which the organ is set.  We do not skip low octaves, celeste stops, mixtures or any other ranks. All pipes receive the necessary attention to ensure a quality tuning.  A repitching of the organ is available by special arrangement.
Mechanical systems check: 
Our technicians thoroughly inspect your instrument on each regular service visit.  Items checked include couplers, reversibles, indicator lights, swell expression, crescendo mechanisms, tremulants, Chimes, precussion, reed regulation and combination action.  We automatically inspect and lubricate the organ blower unless otherwise notified.
Report Cards:
Our technicians leave a report card after every regular visits or service call.  The report card details what was checked, tuned and repaired, as well as the technicians observations and comments.
Other Benefits:
Emergency Services:
We put trained craftsmen at your call for fast professional service when you need it.  Calls are answered 24 hours a day, and all calls are returned and soon as possible.  Over ninety-five percent of all service calls are completed two weeks from the time in which they were received. 
Insurance Estimates:
​Regular customers receive annual estimates of the replacement values of their pipe organs.  This allows the client to retain enough insurance to cover the replacement of the organ in the event of a fire or other disaster.
All clients receive regular newsletters that cover various subjects relating to music and the pipe organ.
Tom Darrow - Master tuner and Consultant
          Rick Darrow - Master Tuner and Founder
     Jacob Darrow - Tuner Technician
          Madison Darrow - Tuner Technician